Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 45 - April 27, 2007

Lighting Strikes Twice

Same day of the week, same restaurant, same minivan, same child, same car door.
Patrick got hit in the head again. This time better Doctor and glue instead of stitches.

Day 44 - April 26, 2007

Patrick has the coolest carry on bag ever. Its even shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Day 43 - April 25, 2007


Day 42 - April 24, 2007

This is why I get kicked out of my own bed some mornings. It gets over run by munchkins.

Day 41 - April 23, 2007

Another Family Photo, but this time with a dead turkey.
Shaun was selected in the early turkey hunting lottery. He left the house at 5:30am and was home by 7am with this beautiful turkey. He is my mighty hunter.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 40 - April 22, 2007

Above All, I am a devoted wife and loving mother.

Day 39 - April 21, 2007

I am a goofball. I look fabulous with orange hair.

Day 38 - April 20, 2007

I am a Mother of Four Wonderful Children





Day 37 - April 19, 2007

Frankie's Dental Procedure


Frankie had her teeth fixed at the dentist today.